Help Me Complete my Term Paper on Time

Many teachers do not accept late work. The teachers that do accept late work often issue a 50% off penalty.

All of your work needs to be completed in time. You cannot get into the habit of submitting late work in any subject. There are five great tricks for helping you to stay on task and to finish in time.

Work backwards

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Start with the piece due date and then work up to the present date. Then add one buffer week (the week before the paper is due). This buffer week will be nice if you have an emergency and do happen to run behind in your project. Who will work on my essay? We will at with pleasure. Now, break the project into pieces and schedule every single day you will work on that section and also schedule when it is due. You must now stick to this fabulous schedule that you have taken the time to create.

Schedule a proofing appointment

Schedule an appointment to have your rough draft proofed.

This can be with a tutor or a professional company. If you know you are paying to have the paper proofed, then you will be more inspired to actually have finished it in order to get it proofed. Most of these places have a no cancellation policy where you must pay even if you cancel the appointment. Make sure to make this appointment very early in the process.

Use a desk schedule or calendar

the dates you created in # 1 need to go on the biggest wall or desk calendar that you can find. It needs to be staring at you when you sit down to work on the project. This will keep you up-to-date on what is due, therefore, keeping you on your schedule. Use a large desk or wall calendar. You can get these large devices at the campus bookstore. Make sure to highlight the date that things are due with bright fluorescent colors so they stand out when you look at it. A phone calendar will not work because it is not staring you in the face when you are working.

Work with the teacher

Take every single opportunity that you can to work with your teacher. When there is extra help, make sure to attend it. When you have questions in class, make sure to ask them. When you have finished a part, ask the teacher if he or she can look at it. Some teachers will not look at your paper while you are still writing it, but some teachers will. Also make sure to get the teacher instructions, the samples he or she may give you, and know what format the teacher wants you to sue. This will help you to do a better job and it will show the teacher that you really care about your work. Utilize the local expert, your teacher.

Give yourself one-week buffer-emergencies do happen. Life does get in the way of your academic schedule. If you get sick and do not work for a week, then you will, of course, fall behind in your work. If you have a one or even a two-week buffer at the end of your schedule, you will finish early. Imagine how great you will fill if you finished one to two weeks early. Make sure to put this buffer on your giant wall or desk calendar.

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