Basic Parts Of A 5th Grade Research Paper: Hints For Students

As a fifth grader, you are expected not only to know the basics of writing, but to be able to analyze your work. In order to meet the requirements, consider these important steps of any 5th grade research paper:

  • Making notes.
  • In fifth grade, you are supposed to analyze different kinds of sources so that you can consider different points of view. In addition, it is even more important to be able to make notes of all the sources of information you use. This will help you make a list of references and develop the skills necessary to summarize different ideas.

  • Development of the work.
  • In fifth grade, one of your core tasks is to understand that writing a research paper is a multistep procedure:

    • Outlining.
    • After a thorough analysis of the sources and making notes, you should consider the information you knew previously and arrange everything in an outline. Decide what ideas you will include and summarize them in a set of points.

    • Drafting and revision.
    • Prepare the first version of your work according to your plan. After that, it will be analyzed by your teacher or classmates, and you will be able to hear their observations or questions. Revise the work, taking into account those comments.

    • Editing.
    • The final stage is checking your research paper for spelling and grammar mistakes.

In order to achieve success, consider the specifics of different types of the 5th grade papers:

  • Opinion pieces.
  • The main task for you is to structure your opinion piece properly. State your point of view in the first paragraph. Each of your arguments must be expressed in separate paragraphs. Remember that you are required to support your views with evidence. To make your writing cohesive, remember to use linking words.

  • Informative writing.

    In this type of writing you are expected to present the information clearly and logically. Structure your work into a few paragraphs according to the main ideas you have. Elaborate on the topic by adding any necessary factual information, details, or citations from the sources. Make sure that you use appropriate linking words.

  • Narrative writing.
  • Despite the fact that writing a narrative seems quite simple, as a 5th grader you have special requirements. You should not only be able to create a situation, but to present and develop it properly. Use dialogues and descriptions to demonstrate the reaction of the characters. Present the sequence of events cohesively and finish your story with a logical conclusion.