How To Compose A Great Research Paper In Design

Design is a vast subject, and not one to be taken lightly. It is something which spans across almost every single thing in daily life. You’ve got the typically thought of design disciplines like graphic design, interior design, and floral design. There are less well-known types of design as well which are so ingrained in our everyday lives like furniture design, product design, packaging design, textiles design, and landscape design. The list literally can go on for as long as you can think of something that was created. You can even include subjects such as nature design. Lost? Don’t worry, writing a paper on design doesn’t have to be as crazy as this list. Here are five basic steps:

  1. Conduct some research. This part may be the easiest or the hardest depending on your own personal disposition. Go to your library and look in the design section. You’ll find all kinds of topics to choose from. Here is where you make a decision: skim through everything interesting you find
  2. Decide on one single subject from the start and go with that. Let’s say you pick out architectural design to write about for your research paper. Architectural design has a rich history all over the world so you’ll have to narrow it down to either type, country, or however else you think makes sense to the style you want to cover.
  3. Now let’s say you decide you want to write about the modernist movement in architectural design. Figure out what style was its predecessor because often this was what lead to it. Talk a little bit about that and then how the modernists emerged. When did it “officially” begin? Where was it first being practiced? Who was the key inventor of this style? Who were at the forefront of this style and what were some of their famous works? These are all questions you can ask that apply to all areas of design whether you’re talking about architecture or not.
  4. Talk about how the style spread. The modernists began in Europe and the style spread to the United States and other places. If you’re an American writing this paper, talk about how the modernists affected American architecture, and who the famous figures were in the American history of this particular movement.
  5. When you conclude your paper, you’ll want to include what style of design emerged after your selected topic. It is said that the brutalist movement emerged from the modernists, and is actually a style that is present in many American cities. This needs nothing more than a mere mention, then move on.

Writing a paper is simply a series of answered questions that you have on the subject. When you ask the right questions such as when, where, how, who, and why, you can end up writing a great paper on design.