Clear And Effective Instructions For Writing A High School Research Paper

It’s bad enough being tasked with writing something like this when you are at college or university. However, for a high-school student who has never been tasked with this previously it can seem more than a little overwhelming. The first thing that I would say to you be way of reassurance is that your teacher is not expecting miracles from you. Yes, they are expecting you to put the time and effort in, but this is more a means of familiarising you with the process than anything else. Don’t believe me? Here are my clear and effective instructions for preparing a research paper:

Take a deep breath

If you take on board this one piece of advice and then incorporate it into everything in life, then I can guarantee that you will be a winner. Taking a step back and thinking things through calmly and rationally is infinitely preferable to just diving in and presuming that you know everything. By taking a breath, you can ensure that you are fully equipped both mentally and physically with the tools that you need to get you through this task.

Take your time

You might be an A star student. However, I can promise you that rushing through this will not get you very far. You need to start your prep as soon as possible, and then you need to walk through each and every process one step at a time. Don’t be afraid to back track and revisit old ground, if you are not entirely happy with the outcome.

Follow your tutor’s guidance

I am not entirely certain what some students think that their teacher is there for. However, you would be amazed at how many kids ignore the information and advice handed down by their tutor and just think that they can wing it on their own. You can’t. By laying out guidelines and signposts your teacher is trying to make life easier for you.

Pick a subject that interests you

Okay, so yes, there will be occasions when your teacher hands out the subject. However, at this stage in your academic career they are more likely to want to work with you and help you find a subject that will capture your imagination and that you will engage with.

Have fun with the process

Remember that this is all just part of one massive learning curve. Think of your assignment as an experiment. The opportunity for you to prove that you have the skills to cut it further down the line at college or university.