How To Find Relevant Sources When Writing A Research Paper

A research paper is the kind of project that you really need to pay close attention to the sources you use to write it. Constructing a solid paper is dependent upon solid resources that are not only from esteemed publications and reputable sources but also have a high relevancy factor. Many students and writers alike make the mistake of including sources that are not relevant and helpful to their project and it ends up in a poor grade and bad reputation. The following are a few steps to take to make sure you find relevant sources for your paper.

  • ONLY consider high-quality sources – What does this mean? It means that the quality of source that you pick will determine the quality of your argument. It will upgrade your paper or downgrade it; you pick. How do you know if it’s a high-quality source? Easy! You simply need to look first for scholarly sources or peer reviewed articles. These are articles that are written and reviewed by academics so that they are generally well informed and fair. You can find legitimate sources using your web browser to search only for scholarly articles or by using databases set up by your school or local library.
  • ONLY use focused searches – A focused search is a search in which you carefully choose the words you use to search for your sources. Many databases and search engines can bring up highly irrelevant articles if you don’t pay attention to the terms you use to search. Craft your search in a way so that it is as unique as possible and will only come up with a specific kind of result.
  • Re-visit your sources at the end – Once you are done with your research paper, make sure to revisit the sources you cited and make sure that they are helpful and directly relevant to supporting your topic. If they are in there for padding or fluff, leaving them out is the best choice. You only want to use the solid sources.

Something to be aware of when writing a paper is that it is heavily dependent upon the sources and RESEARCH used to back up the claims the paper makes. The whole paper is pretty much ruined if bad sources are used so make sure to pay close attention to the quality and relevance of your sources.