Tips On How To Get A Sample Research Paper Methodology Page

The methodology page of your research paper explains the way that you went about researching your topic. It should make it clear to your reader whether you used first hand accounts via interviews or handed out surveys or even if you checked statistics compiled by a reputable agency. All writing styles have their own way of framing this section that may be difficult for a beginner but gets simpler over time. If you need a sample to show you how to get it right, these tips should get you started in the right direction:

Request one from your lecturer or teacher

This tips is the first on the list because it is the best of them all. An example that is hand picked by your lecturer gives you a good feel for what they want your writing to be like. If it comes with any special instructions be sure to follow these carefully as well.

Ask your personal tutor

If you have a tutor who works with you on your personal time it shouldn’t be a problem for you to request a sample from them. You can share the details of the assignment to be sure that the paper you receive fits the description that your lecturer gave. If you have a rubric, this should be produced as well.

Find out if your smarter friends have any

If your friends are mostly less academically inclined as you are this may not be the best idea for you. If you have very bright friends who write good papers, ask to see one. This works even better if the friend in question has completed research for the same professor and been marked favorably for it.

Check your text books

If you were assigned a text book on research methodology you should scour it for examples. There may be only one but it will be perfect because it was created by professionals and proofread by a publishing company’s editors. You could do worse.

Search the web

There are companies that sell writing and offer free samples to potential clients. You can easily access these and use them to structure your work.

These methods are all very helpful but in an emergency you can also find a good template so you don’t have to figure out the structure on your own.