How To Come Up With A Good Title For A Research Paper On The Death Penalty

The death penalty is a controversial issue that is relevant even for an ordinary citizen because it clashes with the basic human right – to live. Many ideologies have a strong stance about this problem, and thou they all seem similar; their point of view slightly varies.

Read a lot

Many students don’t have a problem finishing their assignments, especially if they are writing about something interesting, like the death penalty. The problem starts when you have finished your work and you have to give an interesting title for your paper. If you don’t come up with a great title, try reading articles that are similar to yours, and observe carefully how the titles are given. If you read a lot of papers, you will understand how to give an eye-catching title that will draw the interest of your readers.

Write all the options

Once you have finished writing, read your entire paper and think how you would describe it in just a few words. Try to imagine that someone has asked you to tell him the core of your research in just five or six words, and try to think what is the most important and interesting part of your paper. It can be a question that you are trying to answer, or a statement that is different from conservative thinking.

Ask for second opinion

Once you have written down all the possible titles you can come up with, you can ask a friend to help you out. Let the read your paper and then ask them what they think the title should look like. You can also ask them to choose a topic that you have written, or to tell you some sentences that caught their eye. You will see a different perspective this way, because if something is interesting to you, it doesn’t have to be appealing to your readers. The point of the title is to be informative, but also to interest the reader to learn more about the problems with the death penalty.

Ask a professional

If you are really stuck, and your friends are not helping you, you can try to ask a professional for some advice. It can be your professor, or any other literature or history professor. A great idea would be to ask someone that is not from your university, but have a job that requires writing and giving attractive titles. For instance, a journalist has to come up with great titles for their articles; otherwise no one would read them.