A Comprehensive Guide To Writing An APA Research Paper

When you are asked to write an APA research paper, it simply means that the paper should be written using the American Psychological Association method or format. It is mostly used in writing academic papers in the field of social sciences. The papers written in this field are usually written to shed more light on what has already been written in the past and in the end, if necessary, call for further researches to be carried out on the same topic. If you don’t have a good knowledge of writing in this format, then it would not be easy for you to understand all these.

In making the explanation clearer to you, here is a comprehensive guide to writing an APA research paper. With this guide, you will never find it difficult to get your paper written. The guide is as follows:

  • Maintain Proper Use Of English: This is a very important aspect of writing a paper in the APA format. When you are referring to personal comments, you should make use of present tense. In a situation where you are introducing cited works, the use of present perfect or past tenses is advised. For example, “there are evidences to show that the abuse of substances exists in all higher institutions”. Another example is “Clarks and Niel (2006) reported several cases of substance abuse in several colleges”.
  • Maintain Proper Spacing: When you are working on an APA research paper, it is important that you maintain proper line spacing. The recommended line spacing is double space. This applies not just to the main body of the paper but to the notes, references, and quotations.
  • Maintain Proper Margin: This is another important element of the APA format. Your academic paper should be typed with the margins set at not less than 1” at both the top and bottom margins. The same thing applies to the right and left margins of your paper. Should there be the need for any modifications, let it be decided by your supervisor or academic adviser.
  • Proper Citations: In the course of writing your APA research paper, you should maintain proper citations. In order to acknowledge quotations, both direct and indirect, you should make use of parenthetical citations. These sources will later be given proper reference on the reference page at the end of the writing. One good thing with proper citation is that at end of day, you will not face the risk of plagiarism.