Free Tutorial On How To Construct A Research Paper Outline

Many students think that writing an outline is a useless waste of time. Still, the importance of a good detailed outline for a research paper is hard to overestimate.

How to Compose a Good Outline

  1. Choose a structure.
  2. Decide whether you are going to use full-size phrases or short word combinations in your outline. Some experts claim that it’s necessary to choose one of these options. Yet, as practice shows, you can use short phrases to name the main chapters of your project in the outline and longer sentence for subheadings.

  3. Start with a simple plan.
  4. Such a plan consists of only the main headings. It’s a poor solution for a research paper because it’s too simple and lacks details. Yet, it’s a great frame for a more detailed outline that can be developed on this base.

  5. Add details.
  6. Multi-level plans are a great solution for research projects, especially if they are not just used as a working draft but are attached to the work. Of course, such a structure is quite complicated and requires a lot of attention and time, yet, it can bring you additional points.

  7. Use parallel constructions.
  8. Parallel constructions have to do with parts of speech and tenses. In case the main heading begins with a verb, the rest of the subheadings within the same level should be started with verbs, too. What’s more, they are used in one and the same tense, as a rule, it’s Present Indefinite.

  9. Use proper subordination.
  10. The main headings should introduce general information while subordinate ones should contain more particular things. For example, if the main chapter is called “Memorable Childhood Events”, the subordinate ones can look like this: “Holidays at the age of 8”, “My best birthday party”, “Going fishing with my father”, etc.

  11. Keep the number of subheadings reasonable.
  12. It’s not good if your outline has a dozen of subordinate levels after each main one because it makes your outline look complicated and unclear.

Feel Free to Use Help

If you have problems with your outline, you should feel free to use the available help. At best, it should be reliable samples of outlines that can be found on the Internet and in libraries. It’s better to know where to find them before you get down to working on your outline.

In case the problems cannot be overcome, resort to professional writers who can be found on the Internet, too. They will compose a great outline to your research paper in practically no time.