The Best Way To Write A Research Paper On Software Testing

Please make a note that this short, informative guide is not a tutorial or technical guide on software testing and all other technical and theoretical matters related to computer hardware and software. For that, students and learners will need to turn to their IT educators. The purpose of this short article is mainly to introduce students to a suggested best approach for writing a research paper with software testing as its main subject or theme.

Emphasis is on practical work

The main crux of the work, as indicated in the article heading is that extensive research will be carried out. To this end, a body of work will have to be completed by the time researchers sit down to prepare their paper. Note that most of what the document contains must include the findings and results inhered from the field work completed.

Scope of work is ideally broad

The work’s basis or starting point has to be in response to a specific area of software development, design, processing, or applications. A general overview of testing procedures can also be remarked upon. Software development is an ongoing practice so the scope of work herein remains opportunistic and broad.

Use correct and appropriate fonts

The rest of this guide focuses briefly on how this type of paper should be prepared and how it should be presented. Research work now having been completed, all data, statistics, and findings can now be transposed directly to the publishable document. Screenshots can also be included to demonstrate and explain clear examples. Make sure that a correctly-chosen font size and type has been selected to ensure that all information is legible and clear.

Essay structure and style

The paper must be clearly and equitably delineated into its respective parts; introduction, main body, diagram space, conclusion and list of references. The introduction, for example, will clearly indicate what the paper proposes and what will be outlined throughout the work that follows. Diagram space must be followed by a logically written explanation in non-jargonized but academic language.

This short writing guide focused mainly on what material is likely to be included in an academic-oriented paper on software testing and briefly suggested how the written findings should be presented. Importance was highlighted on the need to first complete a structured and detailed program of data investigation before proceeding to the writing.