Advice On Formatting A Title Page For A High School Research Paper

When you write a research paper, you need to remember that the way you have explored the subject, alongside the results of your investigation, are as important as the way your paper is formatted. Though it may seem to be quite weird, the formatting is extremely important in such projects, and in case a paper is organized in an improper way, it may even be turned down by supervisors. So, let’s see how the title page of your project should be formatted properly.

Where to Search for the Information?

Before you start writing, you definitely need to find a guidebook that will help you get through the details of academic writing formalities. That is, you need to search for either a manual that is dedicated to such writing demands or a sample of a properly formatted title page. Both can be found on the Internet without efforts if you are precise enough in the search engine request. The mentioned manuals can be found in virtual book storages. Some of them are free and directly downloadable, others come at a certain fee. It’s up to you to choose what you like best. Samples are available in online databases, offline libraries and writing labs. A sample is a great solution because it provides you with an example of the proper structure of your title page.

Basic Demands to Title Pages

A lot depends on the academic writing style that has been chosen for your research. However, there are several main components that are the same for all title pages.

The title page of your research paper should involve:

  • The title itself (typed usually in the middle of the page),
  • Your name (sometimes with the middle name initials, sometimes without them),
  • The name of your school and your grade,
  • Your supervisor’s name,
  • The date when the work was completed.

As a rule, the academic writing styles have their own demands to the fonts that are chosen for the title page. In most cases, it’s Times New Roman, 12 points, single spacing. If you are not sure whether you have remembered the demands right, you can always get in touch with your supervisor and find out the exact details. Besides that, you can always get connected to the Internet and see how all this should be done on the example of other students’ papers. If you have downloaded the samples of ready research papers, you can use them as a precise template and frame of your own title page.