Crafting A College Research Paper About Endangered Species

In order for students to be oriented on the plights that endangered species face and to help them see the importance of saving endangered species, students may be asked to craft a college research paper on the plight of the endangered species. This can prove to be a difficult task especially when you do not have the skills for writing a research paper. Here is a guideline on how to go about it.


In the introduction, you should ensure that you have a good hook or opening sentence that will enable you to attract the attention of the reader. You can discuss what threatened or endangered species mean. You can choose the name of one animal and discuss why it is endangered. You should also show why efforts should be put towards saving that animal.

Description of an endangered animal

Here you will need to start with a topic sentence. For instance, you can say that the leopard deserves to be preserved because of its beauty. Use this paragraph to include an in-depth description of the animal. You should describe details such as the size, height, color, weight, body parts and the special features.


You should start on a topic sentence that is on the habitat. Give details on where the animal is found such as the continent, country and biome. Discuss where the animal seems to be losing its habitat. How does it survive? Is the food it eats only found in the habitat? Have a conclusion sentence.

You can also have an additional paragraph that discusses issues such as the behaviors of the animal, offspring and reproduction and the group behavior. Have a concluding sentence.


Use a transition word as well as a topic sentence on endangerment. Consider why the animal is endangered. What is the number of animals left? What is the number of animals that have died in the past few years? What is the cause of the endangerment? Have a conclusion sentence.


Like in the previous chapters, begin with a topic sentence on conservation. Discuss whether there are any laws that are meant to protect the animal. Are scientists doing anything to prevent the animal from becoming extinct? Are there certain measures that people can take to protect that animal?


The goal of the conclusion is to restate your thesis and summarize the paper. This is where you should also have a call to action. Is there something that people should do to save the animal?