Writing A Top-Quality Research Paper On Science

Few people have a clear idea of what scientific method actually means. If you mention the word science to most people, the usual image in their head will be of a laboratory with bottles, test tubes and other scientific equipment. However scientific method is more about a correct attitude towards the evidence. You are being scientific if you pay more attention to the evidence which does not fit into your hypothesis.

To elaborate the concept further consider the example of conspiracy theory videos. The dark secret of most conspiracy theory videos is that they gather all the evidence that fits into their theory, ignore the ones that do not and create a narrative around conveniently chosen evidence. Management consultants also use a similar trick, when they add slide after slide of data that fits into a particular hypothesis. Neither conspiracy theorists or management consultants are scientific in their approach.

It is not an easy thing to do since the mind of most human beings is wired to focus on evidence that fits a particular hypothesis or world view. We are wired to see patterns and to cling to our existing beliefs. Even the greatest of scientists make this mistake. They tend to cling to their beautiful theories unless someone comes along and disproves it. Science progresses by a slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact. If you do not slay your own hypothesis by facts that do not fit into them, then someone else will do it, sooner or later.

Thus mark of a good research paper on science is that it focuses on the evidence which does not fit into a particular hypothesis. Other things to keep in mind while writing a paper on science are:

  1. Referencing – One should properly attribute the findings and data of other people’s research. There are multiple techniques of referencing like Harvard referencing, APA referencing etc.
  2. Plagiarism free – These days the technology is so advanced, that any instance of plagiarism would be caught very easily. Make sure your content is 100% original.
  3. Fact, inferences and judgments – a good research paper should distinguish between the three, inferences must flow from the facts and the judgments should flow from inferences.
  4. Data driven- Support your hypothesis with primary and secondary data points wherever possible.

Above all keep the scientific attitude of a skeptic, and you will deliver a good paper.