How To Create An APA Research Paper Table Of Contents

Creating an APA research paper table of contents is easy. It does involve plenty of attention to detail, but it includes a simple process. It is important to pay attention to guidelines for the project. Your instructor may require you to add additional details depending on how they want you to present your table of contents. The best way to create what is necessary for your assignment is to find a good sample to study. You can also review your rough draft with your instructor. Here are some tips to help create your table of contents for your project.

What to Look for in a Good Example

One way to quickly find out how to put together an APA research paper table of contents is to use an example. There are many examples online through college universities and even the APA website. You will find a few of them vary somewhat depending on the school and subject matter. When seeking a good example think about what you are expected to turn it. It should follow your project guidelines, be absent of errors and even offer step-by-step instruction or an overview of how to develop your own.

Parts Included and How It Is Presented

While the table of contents for a research paper following APA guidelines may look simple, there are quite a few details to pay close attention to. You should know all sections to list in this section. The basic table of contents may include the abstract, introduction, methods, results, tables, and references in this exact order. The title “Table of Contents” is also listed at the top. This is flush to the right of the page but written with no special font. The underline or bold features are not necessary. The general APA format should also be followed when adding information to the page.

Additional Details to Note

There are a few more details to remember when creating your APA research paper table of contents students may not know. When creating the table of contents each section part of your project is listed on the page. When mentioning each section in the contents they should begin with a capital letter. Few table of contents have descriptive headlines on the page detailing contents after the main section. This may or may not be required depending on your instructor.