A Manual On Writing A Literary Research Paper In MLA Format

There are many research paper writing formats that people employ when they are asked to compose them. One of the most commonly employ format is MLA. Have you been requested to use it? Do not panic. Here is the best guideline that will enable you write a top quality research paper. Simply adhere to the details given and you make your dream come true today.

The spacing prerequisite

When composing a paper in any given style, one should be conscious about the spacing requirement. Each of them has a specific spacing between words and between lines that should always be kept in mind. For the case of MLA writing style, the preferred spacing is 2.0. This is easily available on the HOME tab that is displayed on the screen. Simply go to the PARAGRAPH section and choose the appropriate spacing that needs to be employed.

Paragraph spacing

At the beginning of each paragraph, the writer should be certain of whether to begin them at the margin or whether each paragraph has to begin a few inches from the margin. In MLA style, each paragraph should always commence a few inches from the left margin of the paper, and that is, an A4 paper. You do not have to manual push the cursor using the space bar. All you need to do is to press the “TAB” button and everything will be set in place. Once you do this, each paragraph will adopt to this format until you are done.

The title

It is recommended that, every title in MLA should brief, that is, it should have a maximum of 13 words. Anything more than this is usually considered lengthy and inappropriate. Therefore, make sure that you adhere to this golden rule if you want to be among the top writers. Your research paper will earn you the best marks you have never earned before. Another condition is that, the title should not be bold and should appear on the first page of the text. It should also be centrally placed unlike in other styles where they are crafted from the left margin and bolded.


In MLA writing format, the paper should always have references from where you got the information. These should be “In-text” referencing and the normal references. Each of the quoted texts should adopt features such as the title, the author, page number among other important things.