Basic Instructions On Organizing A High School Research Paper

In high school most of your literature teachers will take time to teach you how to compose a research paper in a competent way. It is not obvious that your teacher will give everything you need to know. He or she might simply give you the basic and request you to do the rest of the work by yourself. In such a case. You should never be discouraged or panic. All you need to know is to consider the factors outlined in this article and everything will be okay.

Compose a winning topic

Before you even cogitate about the entire research paper, one of the vital prerequisites that you must commence with is the topic. At some point, your teacher might present this to you while in other situations, you might be asked to compose for yourself. Where topics are given, you should take time to read each part and apprehend them. When asked to craft one, you should focus on the attractiveness they create to your audience.

Research on the topic

After you are certain about the topic you have been asked to compose on, the next step is to get clarified information on the same from reliable and pertinent sources. This should be in-depth so that the data sourced out can be acceptable by all the readers and provide appropriate support for all your arguments. In the process of exploration, you ought to have a clean sheet of paper where you can jot down all the most important information.

Craft an attention winning introduction

Your introduction should efficaciously capture the major objectives related to your topic. In this case also, try to give a summarized information showing the position you have taken as the author of the text.

Write good points and support them effect

The bulk of your research paper lies in the points and the opinions that you present. For instance, these should be valid and relevant to the problem under the study. They should also be complete and be supported in an unparalleled way using appropriate examples, quotes and data sourced from the primary texts.


This is equally a crucial part of any given research paper. It should be composed in brief sentences where the writer only summarizes the major points covered in body. Avert from elaborating these points as this will be considered as being too wordy. If you adhere to these basic instructions, there is no doubt that you will get the best marks in your paper.